Yes, He Had To Die

Thursday, 18 year old Jose De La Rosa was shot by Harris County Sheriff’s deputies after he shot four people, killing two of them and then pulled a gun on the deputies. Now KHOU has this bleeding heart story asking whether or not Jose had to die. We get to see his family tell us what a good boy he was and we get to hear them complain that EMTs and deputies didn’t do enough to save Jose. KHOU even seems to be doing a little investigating into the response of the medical personnel. Give me a break. If I ever do what Jose did, I would deserve to die and I would not be a good boy. I wish someone would just address his family and tell them that.

These are the hard facts of life. Actions have consequences. Jose lost his right to a top-notch medical response when he drew a gun on the first responders who approached him. As it turns out he had a second gun on him, which was discovered in the ambulance, so it turns out that any concerns the EMTs had were warranted. Another thing the family and anyone who shares their concern needs to understand is that even if the EMTs dropped the ball, Jose is still responsible for his own death. Jose chose to go shoot four people and steal a truck. Neither the deputies nor EMTs involved could do anything about his decision there. They could only react to it.

I understand the family is grief-stricken and that’s natural. No one can expect them to be entirely rational. But I do think they should be rational enough to stop blaming other people for Jose’s death. Quit embarrassing yourself. And KHOU, you need to stop trying to make a story about the one aspect of this where there is no story! What about the two women who died? Why aren’t you asking if theyhad to die? Why aren’t you asking Jose’s family if they had to die? Maybe you can try blaming them for how he was raised. But you see I know it’s not that either. Jose made decisions. On Thursday Jose died by those decisions.

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  1. Not sure if you followed this story more into detail, but his case came out on 48 hours and days prior he killed a 16 yr old boy at a taco stand. We are not God to judge, but yes I agree with what you’ve writte. Jose did make these decisions, now he’s gone. KARMA!

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