There is a Reason Some Dogs are Put Down

I like dogs generally. But I also think that when a dog attacks a person someone should consider putting it down. There is certainly times when putting the dog down is completely unnecessary, like when a dog gets a little too exited and bites someone or when a human triggers a defense mechanism in the dog. Other times though it is obvious that the dog has to go. I would say that just about anytime three dogs attack someone passing by their house then it’s time for those dogs to go.

Understandably, when this happened 4 years ago in Ljubljana, Slovenia the owner of these dogs fought to keep them from being put down. He had the dogs returned to him after a few years. But this is not a story with a happy-ending. On Tuesday, February 2 the dogs turned on the man who had saved them and killed him. This is why condemned dogs are condemned. Someone who was free from a silly, emotional bond with these dogs had the sense to see that they should be killed. This Slovenian doctor’s judgment was clouded by his attachment to his dogs and tragically he won the right to have them returned to him. Maybe someone should add the story of those legal proceedings to the book Fatal Victories.

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