Sports + Charity + Wine?!?! Count Me In.

I am by no means a wine connoisseur, much less a sommelier (you can probably slap anyone who says they are) but I like wine and know a little bit about it and more importantly wine intrigues me. It has an intangible quality that can’t be found in other alcoholic beverages. Having a nice wine with dinner can be one of the classiest ways to enjoy alcohol. Playing slap-the-bag in a hot tub with a bag of Franzia White Zinfandel can be one of the trashiest ways to enjoy wine (albeit arguably more fun). So wine covers that whole spectrum. There’s hardly a classy way to drink beer, nor a trashy way to drink a vodka martini. Also you don’t see someone who is paid thousands of dollars for their abilities as a rum taster. “Ahh yes, the Sailor Jerry has hints of spices and a sweet-carmelized touch, while the…” Uhhh ya. Seriously have you ever Googled “Captain Morgan Private Stock tasting notes”? I’m not saying you won’t find anything. I just don’t think it would ever cross your mind make that search.

There is a feeling of aloofness that comes with drinking good wine. A feeling rarely captured, but uncork a bottle and all of the sudden, there you are. You are somebody. Even if only for a second. Even if you know you’re really nobody. With a wineglass in your hand, it’s all different. If you go to a bar and get wasted and make a fool of yourself, not many people will think too poorly of you. Do the same thing at a wine bar and even I’ll be looking down my nose at you. You missed the point. Go drink a beer.

Wine is trendy. That’s part of what’s fun about it. Because it’s so trendy, only an alcoholic beverage like wine can suffer something like the “Sideways effect“. It’s been five years since that movie came out and Merlot is still suffering.

What’s really remarkable is that this is all coming from someone who is not a wine person. Wine is by no means my go-to drink. It’s not even high on the list. But wine has a special place in my heart that others don’t have. When it’s time for wine, it is time for wine. Nothing else will suffice.

Not that I have you in the mood to purchase wine you should check out this outlet. Luc Robitaille Cabernet, hockeyEvent Wines teamed up with Charity Wines (neither of which I had heard of until now, so don’t feel bad) to bring you a special selection of wines. Each wine supports the charitable efforts of a different celebrity athlete. There are pro wrestlers, hockey players, football players, and baseball players. You can get Mark Buehrle’s Buehrlot (if you haven’t sworn off Merlot yet), [Ken Griffey] Junior’s Cabernet Sauvignon, the B-Lark Merlot (who approved of this nickname for Barry Larkin?), or Dick Butkus’ Cabernet Sauvignon. The list goes on. Other players included are Curt Schilling, Jose Reyes, Brian Schneider, Kevin Youkilis, Jason Varitek and Homer Bailey. Anyone guess Homer’s wine? Of course it’s a Chardonnay. While I’m not planning on buying any of these right now I definitely believe I will soon.

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