Wes Sims Does Not Look Like A Professional Fighter (Before, During or After the Fight)

Wes Sims could destroy me in a fight. He’d destroy me with one hand tied behind his back. That out of the way, Wes Sims is the worst looking professional MMA fighter I’ve ever seen in my life as a casual fan. From his body to his technique the man just looks awful. This video is from the Strikeforce: Miami event the other night.

As soon as the bout begins Sims, looking overweight and out of shape, is putting his hands up in the air, trying to goad his opponent Bobby Lashley. Then he’s dancing around with his left arm dangling like a spent wrecking ball. A few seconds later Sims is on his back while Lashley rains blows to his temple. Their positions change a couple times but what stays constant is Lashley waling away on Sims’s head. Fun fight to watch, but Sims just looked terrible.

After the fight Sims makes himself look even worse. He accuses Strikeforce of essentially rigging the fight, saying it was two-on-one and an early stoppage. If that’s not bad enough he proceeds to refer to Lashley a “juiced up monkey”. To his interviewer’s credit the reporter immediately asks “Do you want to take back the monkey comment?” How often do you see a reporter try to defuse a situation, instead of making a big story about it. Very classy. Here is that interview.

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