Dock Ellis and the LSD Induced No-Hitter

If you have never heard the story of Dock Ellis’s June 12, 1970 no-hitter this is the way to hear it. In fact, even if you have heard it, you still need to see this. You see Ellis was high on LSD, not to mention he’d just taken Benzedrine when he threw that no-no. Now using drugs isn’t cool at all. But with that being said, one of the reasons it’s not cool is that drug users tend to accomplish very little. So it’s pretty remarkable that Dock was able to go out and throw a no-hitter while in such a state of mind. So listen to his account of that crazy day.

It should be noted that Dock Ellis later went on to live a drug-free life and worked as a full-time drug counselor before his death in 2008 and accomplished much more in his life than simply throwing a no-hitter on LSD. He worked in the California department of corrections helping inmates transition from prison life back to a regular life. He counseled addicts at a prison in Pittsburgh and in California’s San Bernardino County. He tackled racial issues head-on and when the rest of his teammates were intimidated by the Big Red Machine he went out there and proceeded to try and hit everyone in their line-up. Sadly Dock passed away in December of 2008 of cirrhosis of the liver. His book, Dock Ellis in the Country of Baseball is available online.

In their infinite wisdom card companies have made most of Dock’s new, high-end cards to depict him in a New York Yankees uniform. This despite the fact that Dock only pitched 35 games as a Yankee. So not surprisingly his most interesting eBay item is billed as a Yankee item more than a Dock Ellis item. That is his 2003 Upper Deck Yankees Signature Yankees Forever Autographs #EMG with Doc Medich and Don Gullett. That’s right. Dock, Doc and Don. The guy wants $90 for the card, so just like many of the auctions and listings I feature here, I think this one will stay with the seller for awhile.

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