Obama Not Interested In Helping Victims of 9/11

I’m no political pundit, but I get the impression that Obama is more concerned with making himself a legacy as the president who brought us national health care than he is anything else. It does not matter to him that the American people do not want his health care plan. I thought he made this clear when he informed us all “I don’t quit.” In the face of diminshing health care support. That bothered me slightly, but I would expect it so it certainly wasn’t worth writing about. Politics suck. Here’s something worth writing about though. The Obama Administration does not support the 9/11 health bill. Are you serious?

We have the money for national health care, but we don’t have it for those victims affected by the attacks on 9/11. We don’t have it for the first responders who rushed INTO the buildings everyone else was trying to escape and breathed in toxins which are still affecting them to this day and will continue to affect many of them for the rest of their lives.

Wouldn’t you expect someone who wants to bring health care to the American to support health care for these victims? Shouldn’t this issue gain bipartisan support? I’m a Texan. I’m not all “I ❤ NY". But when it comes to issues involving the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, I do love those New Yorkers. That is is a cause to fight for. It is ridiculous to me that a fight will be necessary. Our Senate just voted to "increase the debt ceiling by $1.9 trillion to $14.3 trillion.” What is so important that we’re willing to put ourselves in that kind of fiscal hole, when at the same time we say 9/11 health care isn’t important enough to justify the spending?

Is our money being spent in an attempt to stop terrorism? If that’s the case it’s not being spent efficiently. We were only lucky that the Christmas Day terrorist attack wasn’t pulled off. Other than that the most I hear from Obama about terrorism is how we need to close Guantanamo Bay. So what is so important? Obama advocates, please speak up.

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