Oh Say Can You Sing?

I just got my “Oh Say Can You Sing?” CD. It was released in 2005 apparently, but I just now heard of it. All of the recordings feature vocals by current Major Leaguers, plus one by Ozzie Smith. It’s a very cool concept, but several of the songs just sound like someone recorded karaoke. But the guys who play their own instruments (Matt Ginter, Ben Broussard, Scott Linebrink) more than make up for the karaoke sound. The CD also includes Coco Crisp and Jimmy Rollins who perform their own original rap songs. Omar Vizquel, whose accent… Well I feel mean but it’s funny. More importantly it’s endearing. That’s not a knock on Omar. The list is rounded out by Jeff Conine, Sean Casey, Kelly Wunsch and Aubrey Huff.

Huff is simply fantastic. So is Broussard, but he’s a professional musician, so that’s to be expected. Someone put together a little Aubrey Huff slideshow with his song in it so here’s that.
He was one of the first guys to ever write me a note in response to a TTM request. This was back at maybe his first Major League spring training. It was really cool to get and cemented me as a fan of his.

Broussard is a former Cincinnati Red, so I’d support him even if he wasn’t fantastic, but he really is. His music has been licensed by Bones (Fox), Cold Case (CBS), Fringe (FOX), Nash Bridges (CBS) and Real World (MTV), the NHL, the US Army and several other entities. He’s really found success in music. You can find his website here.

As for the other guys, they’re worth a listen also. The CD isn’t a musical milestone but it’s really neat to have. Additionally it should be noted that a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this CD go to the players favorite charities. Charities like, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Unlimited Potential, The Ronald McDonald House, and Fisher House.
Good Sports Recordings, Oh Say Can You Sing

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  2. […] Huff Knows How to Offend a City (old news) I mentioned Aubrey Huff quite awhile back in regards to the Oh Say Can You Sing CD he was featured on along with Matt Ginter, Ben Broussard, Scott Linebrink, Coco Crisp, Jimmy […]

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