Lt. Bob Edlin – The Fool Lt.

The Fool Lieutenant; a Personal Account of D-Day and WWII
tells the story of Lt. Bob Edlin and the 2nd Ranger Battalion as they hit the beaches on D-Day and continue through Europe until the war’s end. Lt. Edlin was one hell of a soldier and he tells his story modestly insisting his heroics were simply a matter of luck and a refusal to quit. He is most famous for capturing the Graf Spee battery along with 800 enemy soldiers while leading a patrol of only three other men. He could’ve been a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, but turned down the award as it would have meant having to leave his men and return to America. He was elected into the Army Ranger Hall of Fame in 1995. And he was awarded the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor by the Texas Legislature in 2005. According to the book he was also inducted in to the [Indiana?] Black Hall of Fame in 1949 or 1950 for his efforts to recruit African-Americans into the National Guard.

I’m posting this because I think you should read the book. I’m lucky enough to own a copy autographed by the “fool lieutenant” himself (purchased for me by my co-writer, Ryan). I thought I knew a lot about WWII history, especially that concerning Army Rangers, but I’d never heard his story. It’s obviously not told enough. Can someone get Tom Hanks on this? He knows how to get a story told.


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  1. Hello I knew of Mr Edlin -He was a citizen of my hometown,But also a friend mostly to my older brother.Mr Edlin gave him an autographed book also.
    He was a very good man ,not many like him.I too wish his story would be put into film.But I wouldn’t want anyone to take advantage of his name and the brave man he was.He showed bravery even after the war.He was not a man who was ‘afraid’ 🙂
    I believe my brother told me while Mr Edlin was in Europe his brother was in the Pacific.But not certain about that.

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