Aroldis Chapman Card to Get

Right now could be the best time ever to sell Aroldis Chapman baseball cards. If he doesn’t live up to the hype the prices will fall, and probably drastically. Naturally that means it’s not a good time to buy Chapman. Even though his cards do have room to grow more valuable, it simply isn’t likely. Being as he is a new Cincinnati Red, I’d like to add some Chapman cards to my collection. After scanning eBay though I decided I’ll wait. The prices aren’t horrible or anything, I just don’t want his cards so badly that I can’t wait for them to devalue. That being said, here is a Chapman card I came across that would be an awesome addition.

Click the picture to go to the listing, but it’s a 2009 Bowman Aroldis Chapman Cyan Printing Plate. Of course it’s the only one like it in the world. If he is close to what’s expected of him then that’d be a fair price. I’ve seen much more expensive 1/1s of much less significant players. Doubtless a cool card and when it comes to plates, I like seeing plates of base cards. The yellow plate is also on eBay, but it is neither as attractive nor as cheap as the Cyan.

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