Another Josh Anderson 1/1

I purchased my second 1/1 Josh Anderson. This one for only $9.99 plus shipping.Josh Anderson Magenta Plate

So I now have two Josh Anderson 1/1s. Both of which are autographed. My Josh Anderson interest began in Round Rock when he was playing for the Express and had yet to make his major league debut. He was signing a card for me and I told him I had a couple more if he had time and he was like “I got you bro” or something like that. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, he just seemed really genuine and like he enjoyed this part of being a professional baseball player. When the Astros gave him his September call-up he switched to high socks like Hunter Pence and excelled batting .358 in in 67 ABs. He also reached base 6 times against the Pirates and the following day reached base in his first three plate-appearances giving Josh a streak of reaching base 9 times in consecutive ABs. For some reason I couldn’t find that little factoid anywhere. I remember he had reached about 8 times straight, but when I looked for the documentation I couldn’t find it. So I had to go back through the old play-by-plays and put it together myself.

Since leaving Houston his batting average has dipped to .298 in 2008 with Atlanta and .240 with Kansas City and Detroit. I just wish he would stick with a team that would stick with him.
1/1 autograph, patch

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