2009 Link Round-Up, Highlights and Lowlights

Well 2009 is coming to a close so I thought I’d compile some of my note-worthy internet finds of 2009. Not all originated in 2009, but most of the content and news did. Anything that didn’t, I discovered for myself in 2009.

2009 saw a pair of near tragic events in the air this year, neither of which ended with the loss of human life. First in January when a plane piloted by Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger went into the Hudson with 155 people on board. Then on Christmas day when a wanna-be terrorist, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, failed to successfully detonate a bomb on an airliner headed to Detroit.

Taking Back Sunday released a new album called New Again. A decent CD, but a typical Taking Back Sunday CD. Nothing groundbreaking or especially catching so overall a disappointment. But a new TBS CD is always a good thing.

The writer of Punk Rock Paint found a good way to deal with packsearchers. (PunkRockPaint.com)

Cage Potato put together it’s list of the greatest 25 knockouts of 2009, including Chuck Liddell going down to Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Complete with videos of each knockout. (CagePotato.com)

Mark McGwire made his way back into professional baseball. Replacing Hal McRae as a hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals, under Tony La Russa.

Randy Johnson reached 300 wins. Gary Sheffield hit his 500th home run. Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game.

I discovered PS22. The inner-city choir from New York.

High School pitcher, Patrick Schuster, threw 3 consecutive no-hitters. (RivalsHigh.com)

I found 100 must read books according to The Art of Manliness. And I’ve read nine of them.(ArtofManliness.com)

Twitter was huge in 2009.
I still refuse to get an account but I can’t deny the social impact. (BuzzMarketingDaily)

Joe Posnanski introduced the Medal of Conor. (JoePosnanski.com)

Jon and Kate Gosselin competed with Richard and Mayumi Heene to become the worst reality TV parents in the world.

Tiger Woods was discovered to be unfaithful to his wife Elin Nordegren. Read all about it at Tiger’s official website, TigerWoods.com. Oh, wait. Every other website in the world is still buzzing with the news, but you won’t see a word about it on his official website. How about this then… Tiger, Sex, Uchitel and Ambien. It’s pretty bold of David Letterman to come out with this. His Top 10 Tiger Texts. Considering Letterman’s own problems stemming from sexual irresponsibility. What everyone forgets is the choices that Tiger was faced with. He could go find random ass. Or he could home to this.

Elin Nordegren

Of course Tiger did what he did! Wouldn’t you?

Brand New released a new CD, entitled Daisy. Not only did I blog about it, but so did Paul Shirley and his article on it found it’s way on ESPN.com.

Taylor Swift had a big moment ruined by Kanye West. But rebounded to win the CMA Entertainer of the Year, AMC Entertainer of the Year, and the AP Entertainer of the Year so I think it was a pretty good year for the girl.

The Big Fan came out in theaters. I still haven’t seen it or anything but I think it looks fantastic.

Something tells me this guy was wearing an Affliction or Ed Hardy shirt.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen got married and The Big Lead noted how his career has been going since he began dating her. (thebiglead.com)

And for the most part I missed a lot of good 2009 blogging. Writing this has made me realize that. So if I were to have a New Year’s resolution it would be to read more blogs. Doesn’t sound too impressive does it?

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