Tickets For Tots

A lot of stories have broken recently involving cops who mess up. From bringing a gun to a snowball fight to being involved in two drunk hit-and-runs in one night. But the overwhelming majority are officers who truly respect the law and got into the profession because they wanted to make a positive difference.

The Sansom Park Police Department in North Texas recently made national news for a program they have called “Tickets For Tots”. When officers spot a moving violation they pull over the driver, just like they would any other time of year. But then, instead of writing a citation they ask the driver to donate toys for needy kids in the area. The driver is issued a “ticket for tots” and sent on his way. Reportedly 90% of the ticketed drivers choose to donate toys. It’s not rare for a police department to engage in charitable activities. But it’s really cool to see a program that helps a kid in need and gives members of the community a break. It’s community policing at it’s finest.

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