“Drunk” 4 Year Old Steals Presents From Neighbors and Cross-dresses

Headline says it all. Or does it? (The rambling and dis-jointedness of what I write in the following paragraphs is only logical considering the bizarreness of the situation. Anyone who wants to sit down and give you a completely put-together monologue on this matter is fooling themselves.) This story can actually be analyzed and pulled into tiny pieces with just a few of the facts being used. I will do that shortly. But first! The video.

The synopsis follows:

Police say the boy managed to break the child locks on the doors, open a beer he found from his grandfather’s cooler, and then slip into his neighbor’s house and steal five Christmas presents from underneath their tree. He was found at 1:45am wandering the streets wearing a little girl’s brown dress (one of the presents he took) an drinking. He had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for alcohol consumption.

In the video she says “Kids do things like this and I mean it’s out of your control. You can only do the best you can as a mother. I mean everyone makes mistakes.”

What kind of kids does she know? Is Latarian Milton her neighbor? A kid wouldn’t do something this ridiculous without having some very odd experiences in his childhood. What happened to teach him the significance of beer and where to find it? How did he know that freedom lie in breaking that child-deterrent device and how did he manage to break it? How did he manage to make it into two different houses? What kind of person has a 4 year old knock on their door and then allows the child to wander off to someone else’s house? Then the kid had enough time to steal these presents, unwrap at least the one with the dress and don the dress. So it’s apparent neighbor #1 just dismissed the odd child at the door with the beer. Maybe it’s that kind of neighborhood?

I, of course, think he’s way too young to face any sort of legal trouble, but it seems to me as though he should be sat down with a therapist for awhile to find out if this was one crazy, fluke adventure or to see if he’s got a lot of built of frustration that he’ll still be trying to let out. And frustration stemming from what? The dad in jail, sure. But what else? What is going on in that household to produce such behavior? That mother needs to take this as a wake-up call and change something she is doing. And the reporter says she feels like a failure, but I didn’t get that vibe from her. It sounded to me like she thinks these things happen and she can’t do anything about it. Well, I think it’s to early to dub her a “failure”. But I think if she is really taking that attitude then she will be. Girls everywhere should learn a lesson from this episode. Refrain from having sex with assholes!

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