Fore! get About Facts

The TMZ story alleging that Elin Nordegren was attacking husband, Tiger Woods apparently is more convincing to some people than the citation for careless driving. While it does stand to reason that he could have been attacked while driving carelessly, you’d think that if that was the case they would have let him off the hook for driving carelessly. But whether or not that happened, I think it’s now obvious that it won’t go down as the official story. The official story will remain that Tiger pulled out of his driveway, hit a fire hydrant and a tree while driving slowly enough not to deploy his airbags, yet was momentarily knocked unconscious. Then Elin freed him from the wreckage with a handy golf club. So believe it or not that’s gonna be the official story. I don’t get where the affair with Rachel Uchitel and/or Jaimee Grubbs and/or… Kalika Moquin comes in, but that’s quite a line-up.

Anyways, the facts are not the important thing here! They’re so muddled they’ll probably never be known completely by anyone other than Tiger. (Maybe he’ll let Elin in the loop someday). So in lieu of facts we have entertainment. Not just in these tabloid stories either. There is already a game. A game that you can play right now.

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