Tickets For Tots

A lot of stories have broken recently involving cops who mess up. From bringing a gun to a snowball fight to being involved in two drunk hit-and-runs in one night. But the overwhelming majority are officers who truly respect the law and got into the profession because they wanted to make a positive difference.

The Sansom Park Police Department in North Texas recently made national news for a program they have (more…)

Music Used To “Torture” At Gitmo

I just watched a story on news about US jailers at Guantanamo Bay using music to torture the detainees there. Apparently there is quite an outrage with a long list of musicians stepping forward to demand the declassification of all materials in regard to this matter. Musicians like (more…)

Brittany Murphy Dead at 32

From King of the Hill to Sin City, Happy Feet to 8 Mile Brittany Murphy displayed her wide-ranging acting and voice talents. She could play a ridiculous and dense character or a despondent and brooding character while being thoroughly convincing in either role. She could be sexy or she could be laughable. Through it all she always struck me as a real, down-to-earth person. Granted I never met her, but if a Hollywood starlet can give off that impression from her platform then she is doing something right and something different. (more…)

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History Will Decide?

An headline reads “History will decide victor of Cubs-M’s deal”. I find that to be completely untrue. Because let’s imagine Milton Bradley goes to Seattle and puts up outstanding numbers while Carlos Silva puts up dismal numbers in Chicago. Theoretically history would have Seattle as the winner. If Bradley does poorly and Silva does great then Chicago will be the “winner”. I just don’t think this trade works like that. Most do. But this one is different. (more…)

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“Drunk” 4 Year Old Steals Presents From Neighbors and Cross-dresses

Headline says it all. Or does it? (The rambling and dis-jointedness of what I write in the following paragraphs is only logical considering the bizarreness of the situation. Anyone who wants to sit down and give you a completely put-together monologue on this matter is fooling themselves.) This story can actually be analyzed and pulled into tiny pieces with just a few of the facts being used. I will do that shortly. But first! The video. (more…)

Texas Has Done This Before

This is just a blurb, but I think someone needs to point it out and I haven’t seen anyone do so. In 2005 The University of Texas’s QB, Vince Young, was a Heisman finalist. That award went to RB Reggie Bush of the University of Southern California, who Texas would soon be facing in the national championship game. Texas went on to win that game.

It’s 2009 now. The University of Texas’s QB Colt McCoy was a Heisman candidate. The Heisman was won, however, by RB Mark Ingram Jr. of Alabama. On Janurary 7, 2010 Texas will square off against Alabama in the national championship game. (more…)

The Worst Graded Card Ever

A fellow member recently posted a picture of his new purchase. The first PSA graded card of his collection. And the worst PSA graded card I have ever seen.

Lavalliere 1888 Donruss PSA

Lavalliere 1888 Donruss PSA


Chris Ballard Takes On Sports Fans

Today I checked my mail and saw a Sports Illustrated with Alabama’s Colin Peek on the cover (Dec 14, 2009). As I normally do, I turned to the Point After column on the back page. Chris Ballard wrote this weeks piece, entitled “So Much Raging Bull”. He started it off with a paragraph about Tiger Woods in which he called B.S. on all those he say they weren’t curious about the Woods saga which has him cheating on his wife with maybe three different women. Blah. At first I found that boring and a waste of space for Point After. But then he used it as a segue to call B.S. on a number of other segments of sports fans. This part I loved. First up? Red Sox Nation! (more…)

Son of Bonds Assaults Sun Bonds

Well, he at least was arrested on suspicion of assault. Assault with a deadly weapon at that. To clear up what I’m saying, The son of Barry Bonds allegedly assaulted his mother Sun Bonds. Reportedly he threw a door knob at her. I guess the door knob was the deadly weapon? Nikolai Bonds, 19, also was charged with vandalism because he broke some pictures and vases during his tantrum. Sounds like ‘roid rage to me! (more…)

Not a Believer In JFK

As if this country isn’t broke enough, Army Captain Michael Dung Nguyen pleaded guilty to stealing around $690,000 from the government while he was stationed in Iraq. I don’t know the details of this case, but how could he have expected to get away with that, when the money was under his care? What’s worse is that this was money designated for humanitarian relief and reconstruction in Iraq. (more…)