Elizabeth Lambert Should Never Play Soccer Again

That’s a longwinded title I suppose. But that’s really the main thing I’m trying to say and I want to make sure that point isn’t missed. If you haven’t seen her actions against BYU then watch this quick clip.

Who would allow that animal to put on their uniform? How was she not ejected from the game before she had completed putting together that highlight reel? If the refs didn’t catch it, why didn’t a coach pull her? Honestly, she should have been arrested. You can’t just grab someone by their hair and yank them to the ground unprovoked. Not in a college soccer game, not in the mall, not in church. How did she let her emotions get so much control of her that she would allow herself to act like that? I think the answer is pretty simple. She’s doesn’t see what’s wrong with hurting people. The thought of injuring other players doesn’t give her cause for concern. She’s basically a thug.

I wouldn’t go out on a limb with all of that if she hadn’t sat down with the New York Times and made statements like these.

I think the way the video came out, it did make me look like a monster. That’s not the type of player I am. I’m not just out there trying to hurt players. That’s taking away from the beauty of the game. And I would never want to do that.

Oh so it’s the way the viiiiideo came out. Not the way she was acting.

I definitely feel because I am a female it did bring about a lot more attention than if a male were to do it. It’s more expected for men to go out there and be rough. The female, we’re still looked at as, Oh, we kick the ball around and score a goal. But it’s not. We train very hard to reach the highest level we can get to. The physical aspect has maybe increased over the years. I’m not saying it’s for the bad or it’s been too overly aggressive. It’s a game. Sports are physical.

Oh, it’s because you’re a feeeeemale.

And yes Elizabeth, you’re right. It’s a game. So how does that promote your argument?

And yes Elizabeth, you’re right. It’s physical. But it’s also soccer. In soccer players pretend the other guy injured them. They don’t try to injure the other guy.

And I love how she resorts to the Chris Brown defense

I look at it and I’m like, ‘That is not me,’.

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