Good For Marcus

So Marcus Jordan wore Nikes instead of Adidas basketball shoes in the University of Central Florida’s game against St. Leo University on Thursday. Adidas responded by canceling their 3 million dollar endorsement deal with UCF. Personally I think it’s the right move by Marcus. His dad and Nike have always had a great relationship and their Air Jordan shoe has been extremely profitable for years now. The shoe itself is legend. How could anyone expect the son of Mr. Air Jordan himself to wear the rival basketball shoe? These two don’t have a Prince and Cecil Fielder relationship. Marcus Jordan wants to wear the shoe that bears his fathers name. I think this he has that right. And to those who think he’s hurting his program, well let’s get something straight. Marcus was told when he was being recruited that he would be allowed to wear Nikes. It wasn’t until he arrived that he began being pressured to wear Adidas. So the program got what was coming to them.

Kind of as an aside here, but when I read blogs I want to read about facts interjected with opinion. When I read mainstream, conventional news I want straight facts. I’m not alone in this right? Well look at how this article ends:

The fact that UCF put Marcus ahead of the entire team, allowing him to bend the rules and ultimately cost the school some hefty losses in funding sets a very dangerous precedent.

Hopefully his father Michael Jordan has a good week gambling and will offer to pay back the school all the money his son just lost them.

Uhhhh are you serious? That ending would be perfectly fine in a blog, but I didn’t think this was a blog. Then again the article is credited to an author named “Julie”. No last name. So what is this? The mainstream media’s response to the blogosphere? A sort of in between? I wouldn’t mind an “in between” if it involved someone breaking news and then providing the reader with an opinion and if it were open about the fact that it was taking more of an opinionated, bloggish approach. This looks like a newspaper article. But maybe it is a blog. A search of “The Cleveland Leader” on wikipedia takes you to “The Plain Dealer (newspaper)”. But after a quick scan of The Cleveland Leader website I don’t see anything about The Plain Dealer, so at this point I’m just confused. Anyone care to clear this up for me?

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