Congrats To The Yankees

Oh no! the Yankees won the World Series! That was my expected reaction, and I still would have greatly preferred to see the Phillies win over the Evil Empire. But, I think the better team won here. I think we saw some great baseball from both sides and I think the fans won in this World Series. Here’s why I say that.

  • Derek Jeter – .407 BA – Just another great series for Jeter and even though I dislike the Yankees I enjoy seeing Jeter excel.
  • Cliff Lee – Complete Game 1 with no Earned Runs – Great game 5 marred by the 8th inning when he was ridden too long.
  • Hideki Matsui – .615 BA which was good for the third highest in WS history behind some guy you may know, Babe Ruth who hit .625 in 1928 and that incredible athlete we all know and love Billy Hatcher who hit a whopping .750 for my favorite team from a given year, the 1990 Cincinnati Reds – 8 RBI, 6 of which came in the final game.
  • Alex Rodriguez – For the first time since 1999 A-Rod failed to appear in the All- Star game. Yet he wins his first World Series. In the steroid era, I may lose respect for a guy who doped but I won’t wish the worst on him, and it’s nice to see him finally get a ring.
  • Mariano Rivera – I love the Sandman in the postseason, except for the fact that I hate him. He is always cementing his legacy and it’s awesome to watch. 5 1/3 IP with no earned runs and two more saves. Brilliant as always. I feel like I’m watching history any time he’s pitching in the World Series.
  • Overall pitching performances – This series was a great exhibition of high performance pitchers doing what they’re paid to do. Burnett had a great game 2, Sabathia was quite good, Damaso Marte pitched 2 2/3 innings with no hits and no walks, Chan Ho Park pitched 3 1/3 innings with no earned runs.

So, sure the Yankees won this one. I’m not going to fail to see that we had a great World Series just because that one aspect of it went wrong.


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