Durant no place for that here. (Get it?)

KD Facebook1

I’m the last person that would ever stand up and demand the silencing or censoring of criticism. When you pretend to be a journalist sometimes, you simply can’t think that way.

But if my buddies on facebook were using my wall to give me shit and tear me down, they wouldn’t be around for long. Facebook is supposed to be like the therapist’s couch—a safe place where you can communicate to an audience that really doesn’t give a damn.

Unless of course, your name is Kevin Durant.

KD, as he will be henceforth referred to, has one of the best Twitter streams around. He’s candid and personable. These tweets are replicated onKD Facebook his facebook page, and the comments come in droves. Negativity isn’t a surprise, but it shouldn’t be a given either. If I were him, I wouldn’t put up with it.

That OT loss to the Lakers had to be draining as hell, emotionally and physically. Then, he takes on a bigger burden of responsibility than he needs to because he understands who he is and what he means to the Thunder and the NBA, and it turns into a platform on which to ridicule him. If it doesn’t seem fair, it’s because it’s not.

This is fair. This is cruel but fair. Wang’s comment is pointless and mean, and Talbert’s is worse. I don’t care if that is the approved version of the N-word,  it’s the same, intolerable word.

You can rip KD on the Thunder website, on any given sports story and on this blog or any other. But he, and other celebrities bold enough to put themselves on facebook and Twitter without hiding behind a P.R. buffoon should have the same expectation of support that you and I have.

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