Where The Wild Things Are

I won’t even be able to call this a “review” of this movie. When you’re gushing about something it’s hard to feel like you’re giving an objective opinion. Spike Jonze take’s Maurice Sendak’s simple children’s book and brings it to life with characters that look exactly like they’ve come out of the page. Then you hear them speak, and for those of you who grew up reading the book their soft voices may not seem quite right. But as the characters develop and the story progresses you come to realize it’s flawless. These Wild Things represent the hurt, depression, sadness, loneliness and feelings of insignificance we all sometimes feel.

Our hero Max knows all of these feelings and he just wants to make everyone “O-K”. The Wild Things feel depressed and lost and are just searching for someone to make it right. I hate spoilers and won’t say too much about the actual story, but the emotion captured in the movie is real. Every person who dares to believe they’re human has to feel something while watching these characters learn about life and about who they are.

I came in with high hopes but my expectations were tempered by the fact that Where The Wild Things Are is a very short story. I wasn’t sure how a full length feature film could be made based on the book, without a terrible dismemberment of the simplicity of the story. But Spike Jonze accomplished that. This movie has no goofy plot twists and no gimmicky hooks to keep one riveted. It was pure, simple perfection and it’s greatness cannot be overstated. Every one of us has a little bit of Max in us and it’s comforting to find that we’re not alone.

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