Eric Lands a White Whale

I won my first “true” 1/1 on eBay yesterday. The card is a 2008 Topps Triple Threads Josh Anderson with an autograph, 2 games used jersey swatches and a patch piece. Serial numbered 1/1 of course. I just recently started my Josh Anderson PC and it has been growing pretty quickly. I haven’t found a lot of competition and was surprised that I was forced to pay $32 for this card.


Although I’m obviously excited about this card and it will be a cornerstone of my Josh Anderson I’ve got to say that it’s not quite as cool as the concept. If you told me when I was 11 years old that there would be a baseball card made and only one of it existed, and I would come to be the only one in the world who owned it, well I would’ve thought that I was gonna be rich someday. I would’ve thought “Wow, someday I’ll own the world’s most exclusive and sought after card!”

Due to the current nature of the hobby and the saturation of cards serial numbered 1/1, owning such a rare card is basically just a really nice thing. It’s something to be happy about and something you can show off to other collector’s but acquiring it is not a breathtaking achievement. The only question is… Is this a bad thing? It has certainly KILLED off the notion that a completionist can come in and collect his player and get every card of that guy ever made. That idea is dead. (Now watch some wealthy dude prove me wrong just for the sake of it). So those completionists are (or were) pretty distraught. It has changed the face of collecting a player. I personally do not think it is a change for the worse. Because of this we will never be done collecting our players. There is always that 1/1 out there, and not only that but probably 250 different cards serial numbered to 25 or less but mmore than 1. Obviously that number will vary widely depending on the stature of who you are pursuing, but the point is the same. The completionist is done because of the 1/1. The 1/1 is regarded with much less reverence than one might expect because of the quantities of different 1/1’s. Two negatives to be sure. But I think it’s all worth it, because if 1/1’s were as rare as they “ought” to be, I would certainly never own one. Now I do. And there are a whole lot more I can still get.

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