Brand New – Daisy – 1st Impressions

Brand New is probably my all-time favorite band. Their only competition if from Taking Back Sunday and their last CD was pretty watered down. When I first heard The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me I wasn’t too blown away. I didn’t even go out and buy the CD. Then I went to their show. It was amazing and I regretted not being more familiar with their new stuff. After that show I listened to Brand New for probably 6 weeks straight. Fast forward a few years and out comes Daisy. I actually tried to buy this the day it came out. But I went to Target and apparently it’s not being sold in stores like Target or Wal-Mart. So I finally gave in and bought the CD today on iTunes. I wanted the actual CD but they are playing Saturday and I’m not going to make the mistake I made last time.

So I’ve listened to Daisy a few times today and nothing really jumps out at me. A lot of the sounds we’re familiar with from the last Brand New CD, a little more screaming, the usual biblical references and definitely not watered-down. But I’m not hearing much in the way of melodic music. Not only that but a few of the songs have annoying intros and outros. At the beginning of Vices and end of Noro, for instance, we hear a woman singing reminiscent of the scene in Saving Private Ryan before the Germans attack a paratrooper outpost in the town of Ramelle in an attempt to capture a bridge over the Merderet River. It works for the movie. Works great. On this CD it’s annoying to the point of frustrating. I just want to hear Vices. Am I supposed to sing along to that? It’s distracting and difficult to skip. Then at the end of Noro I just want to get to the next song.

At The Bottom is the only song that jumps out as song that you don’t need time to appreciate. It’s immediately fun and catchy and you can imagine it’d be great in concert. The other songs tend to drag a little bit. However, no band can make a dragging song sound great better than Brand New can. So, I’m hoping that with a little exposure these other songs will start standing out more. Only after more time would I go as far as to say that I don’t like the CD. But I am kind of disappointed.

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