Dad Shoots and Kills 17 yo. Son

Normally a random story about a recent murder wouldn’t show up on this blog. But this is too awful to be ignored. Not only does this guy, Ofelio Antonio Otero, shoot his 17 year old son, but the kid is trying to run away when he is gunned down.

Otero then began arguing with 17-year-old Ignacio A. Otero about the game, as he began loading his gun, authorities said.

“The son then proceeds to try and knock the gun away and then he runs away,” Silva said.

As the teen was running, the father allegedly fired one shot, striking his son in the neck, before fleeing the apartment on foot, police said.

For some reason I don’t see this getting the press that a lot of murders get. But I don’t understand why not. Media outlets love a good bloody story, but this one lacks a pretty, white, female victim so I’m thinking it won’t have the legs that it would if it weren’t lacking in that department.

That aside, I just don’t understand how the guy not only shoots his son. But this wasn’t even in the middle of a struggle. The kid was running for his life and this sick bastard shoots him in the neck. That’s sickening. I recently read that a study has come out showing how getting rid of the death penalty could “save US millions“. For a second I was actually intrigued. But this is a stark reminder that not everything should come down to dollars. This guy needs to die. Reform the death penalty system if we need to save money. Or I bet someone could do a study to find “millions of ways to save US millions!” Ways that cut irresponsible spending as opposed to cutting out an important financial burden.

Sadly I’m probably just dreaming. Irresponsible spending is here to stay. If you don’t believe me take a trip with me. The National Debt Road Trip.


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