Why We TTM

TTM means through the mail. I along with thousands of other collectors write athletes in an attempt to acquire their autograph. It’s an inconsistent hobby, but I find it to be very rewarding. The autograph aside, sometimes there are things that come from these requests that make the experience extra rewarding. Maybe it’s a handwritten letter from the player or a special inscription or something else entirely. Gregg Zaun provided me with one of those moments Saturday.

On July 17, 2007 I sent three cards to Gregg Zaun in Toronto. Because he was in Canada I sent a self-addressed envelope and a $1 bill for return postage. By February of 2008 I hadn’t received anything so I decided to get him during Spring Training and I mailed 2 cards to his ST address. Almost a year later those two came back signed.

So I didn’t really think about my first Zaun attempt until Saturday when I opened an envelope and found my original 3 cards signed along with my $1 bill. He had provided his own stamp.

So not only did he take the time to keep track of his mail and return it, he also paid the postage himself. 823 days on that one.

It’s only a dollar but the gesture is a lot more meaningful than that. Gregg Zaun is a class act.

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