Steiner Comes Through! Ugh… Eh?

Well I thought it was only fair to Steiner to give readers an update in regard to the YANK909 fiasco I blogged about several days ago. On the 13th I was perusing a web forum and reading about the experience of other collectors in relation to their YANK909 Steiner orders. This inspired me to go to the Steiner website and check my order. I had checked a couple of days before and it said “departed”. This time it said “delivered”. I was taken aback because I hadn’t seen a package so I read on. Delivered October 13th at the front door. I stood up and ran outside and opened the door. Eureka! There was my package! Three Rawling’s Official Major League baseballs for $9.99. Amazing. But my positive Steiner experience is not being shared by many other collectors.

Some customers have been informed by Steiner that ALL orders made by non-season ticket holders were canceled. This is obviously not true and widely known to be untrue but certain Steiner reps continually try to sell that line to customers. One customer I know was offered his item at a reduced price (but not as low as the YANK909 offer would allow) AND a $50 gift certificate, because this particular collector is a Steiner regular. Then Steiner sent the gift certificate and canceled his order completely and not delivering the item as promised. Additionally, they informed one customer who had used an AMEX gift card that they don’t accept AMEX gift cards. Uhhhh everyone who accepts American Express pretty much accepts their gift cards and I’ve read that this includes Steiner Sports. When they want to.

Another thing I find is amusing is that after Steiner’s regular hours their customer service calls are transferred to a Ice Cream shop called Last Licks owned by Brandon Steiner. That just seems really unprofessional. You would think a company which deals in multi-million dollar contracts with athletes across America would either have 24 hour customer service or a more sensical way of taking calls after hours.

All in all Steiner still has a mess on their hands and I received my purcahse. Fantastic. Not only does Steiner have this mess but also they’re suing Yadier Molina. Tough week for Steiner.


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