Hope From The Next Generation

Not every kid is in his bedroom on his computer, playing videogames or God forbid, doing whatever people do with Magic cards or Pokemon cards (Ok, so once I visited my cousin and we played Magic with his deck and that was a pretty fun game). Don’t believe me? Let me tell you about Oliver Wahlstrom. He’s 9 years old and plays on a hockey team for 12 year olds. That would be enough for me to believe he’s good. But after I saw this video it appears to me that “good” is an understatement.

It’s silly to predict if someone will have professional success in sports when their age can be displayed with one digit. It’s also silly to think you can know how good someone is at hockey based on one uncontested shot.

But wow. That was simply amazing. Not to mention this was on a big stage. This was on the Boston Bruins home ice at the TD Garden in a TD Bank Mini 1-on-1 competition. I just point that out because it’s not like it was a trick shot demonstration.

Also from what I read in the related article hockey is in his blood. So if I were ever gonna go out on a limb and say “This kid will be a pro” when the kid isn’t even 10 and I’ve only seen him do one thing in his sport than this right is is when I would do that.

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