What’s On Your Mind?

A lot of Yahoo! users (and by extension, a lot of people around the world) have something on their mind. It’s not the war in Iraq, nor is it the war in Afghanistan. It’s not Obama and his peace prize. It’s not even the economy, gas prices or unemployment rates amazingly enough. No. If Yahoo! rank their most popular searches accurately it’s something a touch more trivial.

Pet Costumes.
Yahoo Search
Now in the “Popular Searches” you can almost always find something odd. But usually you can find a story about it. Some sort of explanation. Take Edgar Allan Poe for instance. Seems random until you learn he had a second funeral today in Baltimore.

So I did a news search on Pet Costumes. Nothing since Oct. 8 and definitely nothing to generate that type of traffic. I must note that I’ve never seen anywhere where Yahoo! says those are THE most popular searches of the day. The fact that they are numbered does give off that impression, but people number a lot of things they aren’t ranking. So I guess that could be it. They just look at… I dunno the top 100 searches and pick some interesting things out. But even then. Pet Costumes?

I dunno… I’m leaning towards a different theory. What’s the web based around? (from a financial sense) What’s Yahoo! based on?


Ugh. I can’t blame Yahoo! if that’s what we’re looking at here. Yahoo! is a business and they are out to make a buck. I just think that in this case they got a little silly. I used to let myself believe that those were the most popular searches of the day and I found it interesting to look at. Now it just looks like advertising. I notice the name Malin Akerman. Who the hell is Malin Akerman you might say. This is what I said. So I googled it. (HaHa, yes when I see something interesting in the Yahoo! popular searches list I still Google it. Google is the only way to go.) Apparently Akerman is in Couple’s Retreat. You know that movie I blogged about a few days ago? Seeing that made me realize that I’ve seen a few other entries in the popular searches that led me to news about Couple’s Retreat. Advertising.

So all in all not a big deal. It’s just kind of annoying to be pretty damn sure that those popular searches aren’t necessarily popular at all. It’s like pop music. Popular because we’re told it’s popular, so we check it out. Our interests are formed for us if we’re not careful. Formed by someone who is just looking to make a buck. Shitty.

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