Just Give Vince Young the Damn Ball

It’s time to give Vince Young another chance

Everywhere you look around the NFL you see over paid young QBs holding on to their jobs just because they’re supposed to be the face of the franchise. It doesn’t make sense to me, but I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Somehow Vince Young isn’t benefiting from that same illogic.

People forget that he’s 18-11 as a starter and led his team to the playoffs as a rookie. And, I mean, what’s a QB Rating anyway?

Ok fine, you win. I can’t make the argument that he’s performed well. But it’s hard to believe he doesn’t deserve another shot at quarterback. The Titans season is over; they’ve got nothing to lose. Collins is not the future of this team. He’s too old to be. Apparently, VY may not be either, but they should give him a shot. He’s well paid. He has a history of winning, and he’s a world class athlete.

People seem to forget that great NFL quarterbacks aren’t usually made in college. They develop in the NFL. VY got thrown into the deep end and struggled. But his struggles took the Titans to a playoff berth. Now that he’s had a few more years in the league, give him the job again, throw him back in the deep end and see what happens. None of that wishy washy stuff either: The conversation should be something like., “Vince starting in practice today, you’re the Titans starting quarterback. Embrace the opportunity because it might be the last you get.”

I think he certainly deserves another opportunity, and looking at the Titans season thus far, now is the perfect time for him to get it.

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