Very Funny?

A few minutes ago I was NOT at all interested in watching the upcoming movie “Couple’s Retreat”. Sure it stars Vince Vaughn, and I like the guy. But I have never seen a movie trailer that looked more like a “made for TV” movie in my life. I could’ve sworn this was a TBS movie when I first saw the trailer. Can you figure out why?

I’ll make it easy.
Couple's Retreat

As soon as I see that I think of the TBS color scheme.

The font is almost the same too. I always expect the last little blue screen to say “Very Funny”. Really who makes a trailer like that?

But I learned something today that perked my interest in the movie. The director, Peter Billingsley, is the kid from A Christmas Story! That movie is a Christmas classic at my house. We watch as a family just about every year and my mom complains every time. So based on that alone I feel like I need to give the movie a chance. I’m still put-off by the advertising and the fact that it seems to be very formulaic. But Billingsley worked wonders with A Christmas Story. Maybe he has the magic touch here too.

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  1. Very true man good post. That movie looks horrible, I barely ever miss a vince Vaughn movie but that film is not worth the 6 bucks. I will just wait till it comes out on TV, as I am sure the re-runs will be unendless.

  2. […] I still Google it. Google is the only way to go.) Apparently Akerman is in Couple’s Retreat. You know that movie I blogged about a few days ago? Seeing that made me realize that I’ve seen a few other entries in the popular searches that […]

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