A Clemens Got Arrested

Roger Clemen’s son, Koby Clemens, got arrested along with two of his Salem Avalanche teammates, Mark Ori and Jimmy Goethals. Not many details have come out yet, but apparently they got in a fight in the parking lot of a place called Mac and Bob’s Restaurant. Clemens and Ori were just arrested for disorderly conduct. Goethals was arrested for assault and battery.
Personally if I were Koby Clemens I would do anything in my power to stay out of the situations. I have no idea the circumstances leading up to the fight, but apparently there were several other players there who did not get arrested. I would figure that he could have been one of those guys. I also haven’t seen anything about anyone else getting arrested. I wonder if someone was and it has gone unreported or if another party involved was simply a victim. That would look pretty bad for all the players involved. Or maybe it was just a fight between the three arrested? Who knows? Now I’m just speculating. But whatever it was I do think Clemens should have stayed the hell out of it. His family’s name has already been drug through the mud. Now he has added to that.

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