American efforts to coddle children maintain momentum

Sometimes I get so damn irritated I can hardly express myself. I suppose this is one of those types, so I’ll keep my input to a minimum.

In Connecticut, a nine-year-old kid has been banned from his baseball league because of his 40 MPH fastball. No, he hasn’t hit a single batter, but “facing that kind of speed” is scary. That, from league attorney Peter Noble, is enough to justify his expulsion.

Give me a break. Baseball was my first sports love, and there’s no other sport I’d rather play. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have issues with fear. My baseball career was an on-again, off-again sort of thing and there were seasons that I couldn’t step in the batter’s box without a bit of fear. As a result, you’d see me “step out” instead of stepping into the ball, and I’d put up poor numbers and ride the pine. (Another “sin” of youth sports. How dare you limit a child’s playing time because he doesn’t perform well? The fact that real life works the same way is conveniently forgotten.)

You have to learn how to A. deal with not being good enough or B. learn to become good enough. I wound up as the starting second baseman for my high school baseball team and it wasn’t due to any coddling. It was a simple matter of wanting to get better and making it happen.

So, to Peter Noble and the rest of those spineless bullies up north, get lost.

It’s like sparty_fi said in the comments section:

this [sic] article summarizes what this country is coming to. Parents teaching their kids all the wrong lessons…instead of reaffirming to your kids that they’re not good enough to play with this kid, maybe you should help them at overcoming their fears and becoming better as well…or is that too much work for parents these days?

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