Finally Someone Stands Up To The Chinese

According to the Yahoo sports blog “4th Place Medal” the International Olympic Committee has started an investigation into the age of Chinese gymnast He Kexin. I expected it to take years for something like that to happen. I think they should be investigating the whole team personally, but He Kexin is a start. I do hope this investigation is thorough and complete, but I have my doubts. Everyone has seemed to be pandering to the Chinese this entire Olympics, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this investigation was carried out in a way not to ruffle any feathers. I hope I’m wrong! Regardless of He Kexin’s age, what exactly is going on in these Olympics? How do you medal after landing a vault on your knees?
With that in mind, another good 4th Place Medal article was this one entitled “The REAL Olympic medal count”. The title of the article wasn’t well thought out in my opinion and costs the writer some credibility. However, he does make an interesting point. He simply takes events in which judges decide who won and who lost and shows us the medal count with the remaining events. Suddenly America is on top by a wide margin in total medals and we’re ahead in the gold medal count. The gold medal count is still close though, so don’t get me wrong. Chinese athletes are definitely doing something right.

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