Good Move For Vick?

As soon as 2009 Michael Vick might find himself in a football uniform and playing professional football. Team? Unknown. League? Most likely not the NFL. Another new football league is on it’s way in. This one, the United Football League touts itself as home to the “stars of tomorrow”. I thought college football was the home of those guys, but what do I know? I guess I don’t keep up with the Vick situation that much because I didn’t think there was even an outside shot of Vick playing in the NFL in 2009.
Apparently there is though. I kind of feel like if the NFL wants to suspend him for 2009 then maybe he should avoid professional football altogether for that season. But upon further examination I would not be surprised at all if NFL executives would rather him go ahead and take a deal with the UFL where they can scout him and evaluate how much ability he has left. Maybe this idea is a win, win for everyone. The fans get a chance to get to know Vick again without the NFL taking a risk. The NFL gets a chance to know Vick again without taking a risk. Vick potentially makes as much as $4 million for the year and the UFL gets a huge boost in their second season. But you have to wonder… Will they even make it to their second season? These ventures do not seem to go well. But that’s an entirely seperate topic.

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