ESPN’s blogging network represents a medium’s coming of age

As a resident of the blogosphere, I know it’s against the rules to ever compliment The Four Letters. I’m a rule-breaker though, so watch out.

I’m sure you’ve heard that ESPN launched a blog network to cover both the NFL and (relevant) college football. They’ve taken a bit of grief for it, because giving them grief is the cool and easy thing to do. Overall, the initial reaction could be deemed as skeptical.

The way I see it, it’s just a sign that ESPN sees the writing on the wall and is adjusting. I’m watching SportsCenter right now, and the had analysts on the phone talking NFL training camps. Who were the experts? Bloggers.

Of course, these “bloggers” are newspaper guys turned web writers, and ESPN’s style of blogging isn’t quite the laid-back, opinionated, free-wheeling style that characterizes the blogosphere, but it’s a start. When bloggers are replacing beat writers as the resident experts, you know there’s been a fundamental shift.

Another great thing about the network’s launch, ESPN is disbanding Hashmarks. My Longhorn sport blog happens to be the original Hash Marks, so I’m glad to get my identity back…though anyone who stumbles across it will probably think I stole the name from ESPN. Nope. Hash Marks existed before Hashmarks was even conceived.

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  1. Don’t worry, I remember the birth of Hash Marks. I’m pretty sure I was mentioned in one of the first posts.

    And yeah, I think this blog network represents some kind of turning point for sports journalism.

  2. The mention came in the first graf of the first post in July 2006.

  3. Ah, memories. That seems like it was in a different life now.

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