Nolan’s Batman: Revisionist history?

Now I’m sure Batman fans everywhere are loving the turn the franchise has made, especially its latest rendition, “The Dark Knight.” But deep down, they’re utterly troubled.

“This flies in the face of the first the five Batman movies since 1989!” they think to themselves. “This is revisionist history!”

*Disclaimer* That’s completely untrue. No one is troubled in the least; they’re all glad to see those movies relegated to irrelevance.*

But to those confused, disheartened fans, I say: Take heart.

This is not revisionist history at all. I’m here to offer you a way to view the old movies that allows you to still appreciate their place in the Batman legend without worrying about a conflict between the new movies and the old.

The first five movies never happened, you see.

I hear the griping already. If that’s my thesis than this is indeed revisionist history and the old movies are completely meaningless, you say. Not so. Be patient, and trust me.

The events of the first five movies never happened — not quite. What you see when you watch them are the legends, the rumors, the tales told of this Batman figure. The first five movies are important because we’re seeing the fairy tale and experiencing the tall tales.

The truth is always a bit more gritty, coherent and heartbreaking though.

Christopher Nolan is telling the true story of Batman’s saga. The rest of it is the myth.

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  1. The rest is the hokey and the campy. If folks are griping about the 1989 films, then who’s griping about the nullification of the Adam West Batman? Probably Adam West.

  2. […] I think my pal Ryan said it pretty well in his post about The Dark Knight, the movie which prompted this […]

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