Chase Utley Keeps It Real

If you missed the beginning of the Home Run Derby then you missed a special moment. Chase Utley unexpectedly heard boos when he was introduced, and he seemed genuinely surprised. His response was caught on camera for all to see and hear. And his response was classic and heartfelt.

“Boo?” He said, probably to himself just as much as anyone else. “Fuck you.” Now that’s genuine. I don’t blame the guy at all. I respect him more for it. It just makes him so relatable. The Home Run Derby at least actually means something to him. That’s a nice change of pace from the guys like A-Rod.

I’m really glad that no one has taken this and vilified it and blown it up to be a big deal. I just thought it was a ballplayer being a ballplayer. And being human. Let’s bring the human element back in this game, mmmmk? Thanks Chase!

Oh and I can’t talk about the HR Derby with out saying this. Holy Cow, Josh Hamilton. You are my hero. And did anyone else catch Rick Reilly’s quote? “It’s a lousy night to be an atheist.” Again, a statement that was less guided by what the people in the studio would think and more from the heart. You have to appreciate that aspect of it even if you have problems with the quote.

And congrats to Justin Morneau. He was a very classy champion.

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