How can an online store like this even exist?

Let me introduce you to . Apparently someone wanted to sell stun guns and other gizmos like that and they decided to sell autographs of famous sports athletes on top of everything else. I have no idea how legitimate the electronics side of the business, but get this. They are selling autographed cards of Barry Sanders, Jerome Bettis, Albert Pujols, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and Mark McGwire for only $5.00. An Eli Manning signed card is only $7.00. $2.00 will get you a signed card of David Wright and for a dollar you could get an autographed card of Paul Konerko, Luis Matos, Paul Sorrento, David Robinson, Ryan Leaf… The list goes on.

How could anyone possibly think these autographs were real? If they were It’d make all the sense in the world to buy them out and flip them on eBay or somewhere else.

They also have this offer

Get free AUTOGRAPHS With every 5 Sports related Purchase! No One beats or prices….NO ONE!
If you qualify for free auto’s, please send us a message on what free auto’s that you would like, with a small list of 5 to 10 players and we will pull from the top of your list based on in stock autographs. If we do not recieve this info, we will send you a Major star that you can keep or exchange.

Well geeze… Then you could just buy five 75 cent cards… It just makes no sense. How can people like this not be put out of business immediately? Is it possible that they’ve made a single sale? Sadly, I’d guess yes…

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