Final Vote Curse?

While reminiscing in his blog Twin’s Relief Pitcher, Pat Neshek, made a startling observation. He suggests (in jest?) that there may be Final Vote curse. Let’s look at his evidence

Me – Partially Torn Ligament in the elbow,

Kelvim Escobar tear in shoulder hurt and hasn’t pitched in the big leagues this season,

Jeremy Bonderman – Out for season with surgery (blood clots)

Hideki Okajima – Not hurt but has struggled a lot according to media

Roy Halladay – Hit in the temple on a line drive – Made the All-Star team

Roy Oswalt – Currently Hurt with a bad hip

Tom Gorzelanny – Sent to AAA after struggling with Pirates

Chris Young – Hit in face by a line drive and has been out for awhile

Carlos Zambrano – Just came off the DL with shoulder problems

Brandon Webb – The only guy that goes against this curse…MLB All Star – Great season

That is pretty crazy indeed. I wonder if the guy’s on this years list have started worrying yet. The current contenders Jermaine Dye, Pat Burrell, Jason Giambi, Corey Hart, Jose Guillen, Carlos Lee, Evan Longoria, Aaron Rowand, Brian Roberts, and David Wright. Curse or not it would not surprise me at all to see Dye, Burrell, Giambi, Lee and/or Rowand hurt next year (arbitrary thing to say, I know). Or maybe Lee will just stick with hurting other people instead of himself.

In 2006 the candidates were Nomar Garciaparra, Chris Capuano, Bobby Abreu, Billy Wagner, Chris Young, Travis Hafner, Justin Verlander, Ramon Hernandez, Francisco Liriano, and A.J. Pierzynski.

Nomar won the NL spot that year with Pierzynski taking the spot for the AL. In the following year Nomar managed to play 121 games and hit .283. His case doesn’t entirely support the curse, but it doesn’t hurt the theory much either.

A.J. Pierzynski didn’t have an amazing year, but he didn’t have a cursed year either.

Chris Capuano went 5-12 in 2007 and went on the 15-day DL in June. He is missing the 2008 season due to Tommy John surgery… Interesting.

Justin Verlander had an All-Star season with 18 wins in 2007. Kinda like Brandon Webb this year.

Travis Hafner flat out sucks this year, but he had a fine year in 2007 and played in 152 games. That’s his most for any one season.

Bobby Abreu had relatively outstanding season after getting traded to the Yankees in July 0f 2006. He finished 17th in the MVP voting and he only missed 4 games.

Billy Wagner had a perfectly respectful 2007 season and was put on the All-Star team while recording 34 saves.

Chris Young only had a 9-8 record in 2007 but he also made the All-Star team. He did have a bit of bad luck though during the season when he placed on the DL while leading the major leagues in ERA. But I’d say he had a good season.

Ramon Hernandez was on the DL twice in 2007, but his season really wasn’t that bad. The second injury sounds pretty painful “Catcher Ramon Hernandez is back on the 15-day disabled list, this time with a bruised groin. Hernandez was hit by a foul ball off the bat of Seattle’s Ben Broussard in the ninth inning on Wednesday.” And that makes me think… You should go buy Ben Broussard’s music off of iTunes. It’s pretty good.

Pat’s teammate, Francisco Liriano, did miss the entirety of 2007 due to Tommy John surgery so score one for the curse there. But all in all I’d say if there’s a curse it’s probably 2007 specific… Anyone else want to look at the year before 2006? Not me, but I’ll try to keep an eye on the 2008 guys.

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