Golf swing for sale

What does it mean that we’re now selling golf swings?

“You’ve got to try this golf swing!” an ad for the Stack and Tilt method proclaims.

I’d heard of the Stack and Tilt only recently, and only in comparison to Jim Hardy’s “One-plane swing.” Hardy doesn’t bother me. His theory is that some golfers naturally have a one-plane swing and some golfers naturally have a two-plane swing. Finding the proper swing, and forgetting fundamentals intended for the other swing are the supposed key to success.

I came across the Stack and Tilt because it was being compared to the One-plane swing. It was a discussion on a web forum. People took sides, and nothing was determined. Just your typical Internet discussion, I thought.

But it seems the creators of Stack and Tilt have found the one proper way to swing a golf club. Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Bobby Jones, Tiger Woods. That’s just a small list of players who haven’t figured it out yet or never did.

Aaron Baddeley has discover the new swing though, as has Eric Axley (?). Mike Weir has too — after he won the Masters Tournament.

Look, I have nothing against this golf swing. I know nothing about it, but I have a feeling that it’s probably really good. I’m sure that if I had a few lessons under the system, my game would improve markedly.

But the marketing troubles me. The ad proudly cites Golf Digest’s assertion that the method “…contradicts almost everything being taught in the game today.” So Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett are the only pros that have learned the proper way to swing a golf club after hundreds of years and with thousands of pros that have dedicated their lives to the game.

That’s what bothers me. They sell their method like a product, and in the process they demean everything else that’s come before and all of their fellow pros. Don’t believe me? Watch the video. They show the “Conventional Swing” in the usual infomercial style. Exaggerated, horrible swings are supposed to represent the conventional swing. I’m surprised it wasn’t done in black and white. But with the Stack and Tilt?

“Before you know it, you’ll be a ball-striking machine.” <cut to interview> “Within five minutes I’m hitting the ball more consistently than I ever have.”

Did he really just say that?

Like I said, it’s insulting to the game of golf.


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