Well if you can’t kill them…

How is this for a prison sentence? A Texas man (how embarrassing), James Kevin Pope, was sentenced to jail for… wait for it… 4,060 years! I’ve heard of like 200 year sentences and thought they were crazy, but wow. This guy is going away. Getting convicted on 40 charges of sexual assault and 3 charges of sexual performance of a child is not something that will endear you to judge Graham Quisenberry.

Pope apparently abused two girls for nearly two years before his own comments to acquaintances led to an investigation by CPS. An asshole and an idiot…
The only thing that I don’t like is he’s eligible for parole in the year 3209. Now if he lives that long I’m sure he’ll be a hard-up son of a bitch and I don’t think that’s a chance that our justice system can afford to make. Apparently they disagree.

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  1. At some point does that not become too much? Maybe judges should have a maximum sentence or something.

  2. Since the for-profit prisons bought from the states are demanding that prisoners serve fully 90% of their terms (profit motive), probably it’s long enough.

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