Playing field unnecessary for sports headlines

The nice thing about playing quarterback for a National Champion football team? The immortality.
The drawback to immortality? It’s news when you’re arrested for unpaid tickets.

For the record, Jamelle Holieway is innocent until proven guilty.

With the All Star break coming up, off-field issues from any sport can become notable news. Both of today’s other two examples feature university presidents, ensuring that they’re real yawners.

Indiana President Michael McRobbie called the hiring of Kelvin Sampson “a risk that should not have been taken.” Sometimes you pat a guy on the back for admitting he made a mistake. Sometimes another reaction is called for.

No shit, Sherlock.

Once upon a time, Indiana was a paragon of scrupulous college sports. There could be no other way; Bobby Knight ran the show. When Knight’s successor, Mike Davis, couldn’t hack it, Indiana turned to Sampson.

He was already embroiled in a scandal there. NCAA infractions abounded. But he also had a nice winning record, and Indiana didn’t look too far past .721 winning percentage.

I’d cut Bethune-Cookman some slack, but this is Indiana. They could have easily been more demanding, but they took a chance.

And now they’ve got what they had coming.

That other story, it was something about West Virginia President Mike Garrison saying that former Mountaineers head coach Rich Rodriguez was “very distraught” the night before he resigned.

A yawner? Strike that. This one’s a full-blown snoozer.

One fun morsel though.

Garrison also revealed he had a testy exchange with sports agent Mike Brown in the summer, before he’d assumed the presidency, in which Brown vowed to “shop, as he put it, Product Rodriguez on the open market.”

Garrison found Brown’s remarks about the state and the university “fairly disparaging” and said he later told Rodriguez that Brown did not have the coach’s best interests in mind.

Of course, we all know that sports agents are cockroaches (just like members of the press, lawyers and used car salesmen) but shopping “Product Rodriguez” is just part of the job and using language like that is just part of being a douchebag.


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  1. Good info, but what does any of that have to do with your headline (which I totally agree with)?

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