Is this the new “it” thing?

Fighting happens in baseball. But it appears time are changing. No more is it enough to fight the other team. Nowadays it appears even scrapping with your own team is not satisfying some of the guys. They’ve turned their attention to the front office.
Just 4 days after Shawn Chacon was waived by the Astros for grabbing General manger Ed Wade and throwing him to the ground, ManRam decided to add a new element to “Manny being Manny”. According to this Sporting New story Ramirez shoved team traveling secretary Jack McCormick to the ground while they were arguing about whether McCormick would be able to get him 16(!) tickets to the Astros/Red Sox game on Saturday. Manny had the lack of foresight to make this request on game day and this being the first time the Red Sox have ever played in Houston tickets were scarce. So how did the Red Sox discipline him? Ramirex met McCormick behind closed doors and apologized. No further action will be taken. Said Terry Francona on the matter? “I’m satisfied with how we handled this.” Honestly?

On the bright side, before this Manny had not been in an altercation with a teammate since… oh wait, he took a swing at Kevin Youkilis on June 5, 2008? This same month? I wonder what his punishment for that one was? A stern talking to I’d wager.

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  1. Baseball players can be such babies. Go into an MLB clubhouse and you’ll see what I mean. Three years ago I’d blame this incident on ‘roid rage.

  2. […] is news? Manny Ramirez shoved a team traveling secretary to the ground in June and there was virtually no news about it and no response from fans. On Saturday, after hitting his […]

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