How The Big Lead is just like Jimmy Eat World

It occurred to me that bands and blogs are a lot alike — and it’s not just because they both do most of their work from mom’s basement.
New blogs and new bands emerge at approximately the same dizzying rate, and a very small percentage of both achieve even a modicum of success.
Neither blogs nor bands tend to make money, but they pour themselves into the effort for love of the effort.
Both can be accused of selling out if a corporate entity snaps them up and starts making changes.

So, I thought I’d take it a step further and match up blogs with their respective bands. This isn’t deep analysis. It’s the manifestation of my various biases coupled with my inadequate knowledge.

Deadspin – Corporate since its inception, Deadspin is professional (as blogs go) and consistently well executed. It suffers because it’s a Gawker product and is just a bit too mainstream.
Just like… Incubus

Joe Posnanski – He’s comparable with that respected crooner that you don’t listen to as often as you should. Quality material turned out year after year.
Just like… Johnny Cash

SPORTSbyBROOKS – This blog is well-known and has a very corporate feel. You think it’s pretty good. You certainly don’t think you hate it but, if you think about it, you’re not really a fan at all.
Just like… 30 Seconds to Mars

The Big Lead – Undeniably, a powerhouse in the blogosphere, TBL is like one of those bands who have gone mainstream but somehow manage to retain its original audience.
Just like… Jimmy Eat World

The Cooley Zone – Chirs Cooley’s personal blog is a fun, rock-the-fuck-out kind of project. He makes no apologies. It’s not about performing; it’s about being himself. The .blogspot hosting also gives it a nice DIY aesthetic.
Just like… Blink 182

The dish – Smart and indy, The dish is well written and fairly eclectic. The author’s intellect is apparent, but there’s no confusing him for a pretentious snob.
Just like… Cursive

Tod Goldberg – The tone here is witty, angry and self-satisfied. Tod Goldberg knows he’s right about everything, and he’s exceedingly cynical.
Just like… NOFX

Waiter Rant – A one-man-show, Waiter Rant’s anonymous author is a talented writer. At times though, he’s guilty of over-writing and finding too-convenient meanings from everyday anecdotes.
Just like… Ryan Adams

With Leather – Mean spirited and sophomoric, Matt Ufford’s With Leather is targeted at a very specific audience. Blue language and sex are crucial parts of the equation.
Just like… Hollywood Undead

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  1. […] dish is the blog equivalent of a cool indie band. […]

  2. I take exception with the assertion that Johnny Cash was A) a crooner and B) that he put out quality material year after year. Neither of those statements is accurate but the comparison is fair.

  3. I always thought of myself more like Jane’s Addiction. Led by a gawky Jewish guy. Filled with inner strife. Inventive bass lines. Eventually one of the members had sex with Carmen Electra. My life exactly.

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