Female vocalists that don’t suck

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I don’t know what it is, but I can’t really get into most music performed by female vocalists. I’m sure it’s a deep-rooted psychological condition that means I’m sexist and don’t even know it.

But then again, there are exceptions to this rule. Three of those exceptions could be lumped into the plain-old-catchy category: Shiny Toy Guns, Dresden Dolls and M.I.A.

Due to copyright laws (what a crock) I have no easy way of linking you to their music. So I’ll just give you each band’s/artist’s best song, and you’ll have to find them for yourself. (These aren’t exactly obscure; I’m sure you’ve heard them before.)

  1. M.I.A. – Paper Planes – All these songs are catchy; this one is impossibly catchy. One of the few songs I’ve ever bought off iTunes. (Most of the others came via the Sweeney Todd soundtrack; you should know that before taking my musical advice.)Primo line: “We park and deliver like UPS trucks.”
  2. Dresden Dolls – Coin Operated Boy – Sure, everyone has a song about their favorite sex toy, but this has to be the best of the lot. This song has a dated, carnivalesque feel and is impossible not to sing along with — which can be awkward…Primo line: “Coin operated boy sitting on the shelf. He is just a toy, but I turn him on and he comes to life. Automatic joy.”
  3. Shiny Toy Guns – Don’t Cry Out – I don’t dance, and I’m not into electronica, so I can’t really tell you why I like this song. Maybe because it has a countdown.Primo line: N/A
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  1. […] of those bands for me.So was Shiny Toy Guns. They really got me to appreciate female vocalists. (Ryan has followed virtually the same progression as we pass along anything we find to the other. He …) The Dresden Dolls followed as did The Ropes. And in this way female vocalists led me to UK artists […]

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