Deadspin changes hands

In case you’re living under a rock that doesn’t exist in the blogosphere, let me be the first to tell you: Will Leitch is out at Deadspin. A.J. Daulerio is in.

If you’re unaware, it’s certainly not for lack of trying on their part. No less than six posts over the last two days are about Deadspin itself and the changes there. Daulerio says he won’t be changing much. Smart move.

One thing I would change though, drop the “we” nonsense. If you ever see “we” on this blog, that’s because there are two of us, and it’s appropriate. But I am writing this particular post.

We keep it simple here.

Don’t read too much into my tone here though. I think it’s exciting that Leitch got a prestigious magazine writing job due to his work on a blog, and I’m happy for him.

Let’s take a look at the bigger picture though. A blogger is handing over the reins, and the Internet is abuzz. When’s the last time you heard about a sport’s editors departure? Ok, with all these buyouts going down, it might not have been so long ago. But it wasn’t as big of a deal as this is.

That’s odd, and it must mean something. If I were to hazard a guess… the writers of blogs have been able to take advantage of the Internet, connect with audience and cultivate relationships. They’ve staked out the Internet as their home turf — they dont’ have any other options — and newspapers, slow to respond to the Internet, are forced to fight for their piece of cyberspace. Across the board, it’s been a losing battle.

That said, I’m a newspaper/print kind of guy. Call me old-school, but I want something I can hold and flip pages and put on my coffeetable or bookshelf. I love writing for the web enough to do it for fun, but I’d rather see my name on newsprint than a computer screen.

If this is going to be a war This can’t be a war, newspapers would lose. In fact, the combative nature of the blog/newspaper relationship is a big part of the problem. Bloggers, writ large, take a “holier-than-thou” approach while relying on the main stream media for the news they opine on. Newspapers snipe at blogs for not maintaining rigid journalistic standards — totally missing the point in the process.

Live and let live.

Live and learn.

Both cliches apply here, and both mediums would do well to pay attention to them.

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  1. Very true Ryan. I do hope that the S-T lets me spread my internet wings, though.

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