Bo Fo Sho

Let me introduce you to Bo Burnham. If you know who he is then I guess I can’t really do that. But you probably do not. Bo is a hilarious singer/songwriter who finds wordplay to be child’s play. I discovered him for myself on His user page has most of his songs. But he just released an EP called Bo Fo Sho on iTunes and some of the songs can only be found there.
One of his songs, Sunday School, was a bit too offensive for me to want to hear so I deleted it before I even got all the way though. But I don’t hold grudges and the rest of the music is just too funny to pass up. However most of his humor is sexually-oriented so if that offends you then you’ll want to avoid him. I haven’t even mentioned that he likes to rap. It’s basically his bread and butter. I’d give you little blurbs of his lyrics, but it’s so much better when they come out of nowhere and you’re like “Did I really just hear that?” In advance let me tell you… You did.
He mixes extremely immature humor with humor that goes a bit over my head. And I’m pretty sure I’m not dumb. His song New Math had a lot of jokes that I didn’t get.
Once again, his music is not recommended for those with sensitive ears. I don’t want to hear complaints about him offending you. But if it turns out you do like it then go ahead and buy his EP. Help an up-and-comer out. It’s pretty cheap (4.99). I actually bought all the songs individually, which was more expensive. I say I was just supporting Bo. But I couldn’t find the button to buy the EP whole until after I clicked all the songs individually… I don’t buy on iTunes much.

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