What ever happened to Pokey Reese

I was just sitting and thinking and all the sudden Pokey Reese popped into my head. I’m a long time fan of the Reds and because of that I’m generally a fan of any Red or former Red. So where did Pokey Reese go? He was never amazing, but he always struck me as someone who would be in the big leagues for a long time. Then again I was 12 years old when he broke into the bigs. What did I know?

Much to my surprise (dare I say delight?) it turns out Calvin is back in baseball! After not playing professional baseball since 2005 (and bailing on the Marlins in 2006) Jim Bowden decided that he would be a good addition to his Washington Nationals and Reese was signed on May 24. He was placed on the DL two days after signing and then again placed there on June 10th. So far he has played 2 games and recorded 0 hits and failed to reach base in 6 at-bats. But it’s not all bad news. He has yet to record an error.
Things do not look very good right now, but I can only see the numbers. Perhaps he’s in much better playing condition than those numbers and those trips to the DL suggest. I certainly hope so.

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