The Places I Have Come To Love The Most

Since graduating and moving home I have not had much of anything going on. The Internet has given me something to keep my mind off the mind numbing boring routine that has become my life, and in addition to that, I got a gym membership and I go job hunting from time to time. But let’s face it. These days if you walk into a place and inquire about a job they tell you “You need to apply online.” No one wants human to human interaction anymore if it can possibly be avoided. So basically I’m on the Internet when I’m job hunting as well as when I’m sitting around doing nothing. All that to say, I’m always on the Internet and I’m going to share with you the sites that I frequent most often. – The Official Site of Major League Baseball – is constantly changing their layout in an attempt to improve their site and be the best baseball page on the Internet. I wish they’d stop all that. If it weren’t for all the “news” links that are actually advertisements the site would be really awesome. Current headlines include “Free MLB.TV trial in its final days” and “ON SALE NOW: All-Star Week tickets”. Those, my friends, do not link to stories. So why are they headlines? Not to mention the fact that the site is always pushing pink bats or some other piece of memorabilia that was created specifically to be a piece of memorabilia. At least a portion of the money goes to charity right?

On The Road With Pat Neshek – Pat Neshek’s website is a wonderful tool to autograph collectors. Also the message board is cool if you can ignore the annoying people asking stupid questions, saying stupid things in general, or trying to turn any disagreement into an online war. But you’ll find those people at most message boards. The fact that Pat Neshek, (a relief pitcher for the Minnesota Twins currently on the DL) would create this website and then put up with the drama caused by ungrateful fans says a lot about his character. He truly loves his fans and all baseball fans. I think that comes easy to him because he is a fan himself.

Baseball-Reference – I love this site. If you want to know more about a player who has ever played in the major leagues or played in the minor leagues in the past 17 years this is the place to go. Stats, awards, salaries, it’s all here. And if you want to see who all played for the 1932 Cincinnati Reds you can do that. They were not a good team. I just learned that. See you’re already learning from the site and I’m still learning from it.

Last.Fm – Last.Fm can be use to track what you listen to and it creates charts regarding your listening habits. It also finds people who listen to similar music, recommends music, allows you to write journals in which you can tag songs and artists, and do all sorts of other cool stuff. If you wanna see what I listen to go here. Last week was a weird music listening week for me. If you wanna know why you’ll have to ask. But it’s uninteresting.

Break – This is a great site for videos. Somehow the content is just funnier in general than youtube. Sure there are a lot of videos that aren’t funny, but it’s not like youtube where only 1 video in 1,000 doesn’t completely suck. Another problem with the site is that whenever a video gets featured some Break employee rewrites the caption. This fellow (these fellows?) is a moron. I’m not sure if he watches the videos and I’m pretty sure that he keeps the volume muted if he does. He is wildly inaccurate. I kind of suspect they do it on purpose to spur conversation in the comment section, but I’m not sure that they’re that smart. Also the people who comment fit into one of a few categories usually. I will list them for you.
1. The ignorant white who hates everyone not white and has to let them know everytime they post.
2. The person who is just the opposite of that.
3. The person who hates Americans.
4. The person just the opposite of that.
5. And the person who says everything is fake (or gay).
Some people can be put in a couple of those groups.

Sports Collectors.Net – This is a very useful site if you are interested in collecting autographs though the mail. People enter in their attempts into a database and can come back and record whether the attempt succeeded or failed. The site automatically generate a success rate for each player and this rate is very useful when you’re deciding who to write to. Additionally there is a message board, addresses and the guy who runs the site keeps an interesting blog. Some of the features cost money, but they’re well worth it.

Purevolume – Purevolume is a great site to discover new artists, stream music, download music free and legally and presumably meet other music lovers. I never use the social networking tools on the site though.

Those are the best ones. Additionally I frequent yahoo!, msnbc, facebook, and youtube, but I’m not going to write about those.

Even on the Internet I’m stuck in a rut. I have a toolbar with all my favorite links on it and I’m oftentimes so disinterested in what I’m doing that I find myself clicking links to pages I’m already on or pages I was just on. So if anyone wants to recommend any websites for me to visit I’d appreciate it.

I hope you find some of these pages interesting and let me know if that’s the case.

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  1. i think we’re on the same use of internet nowadays. it has become a routine for me. it sucks i admit.


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