Riley redefines the NBA’s desired qualities

Apparently, Michael Beasley isn’t Pat Riley’s kind of player and probably won’t be taken with the second pick of the NBA Draft — not as long as it is Miami’s pick anyway.

“ has been reporting since the draft lottery that Heat president Pat Riley has reservations about Beasley. While Beasley is a talent, Riley seems to be uncomfortable with his personality and seems dead set on finding a point guard to pair in the backcourt with Dwyane Wade.

To that end, Riley staged two separate secret workouts in Miami on Tuesday. The first, a source told, was for Arizona point guard Jerryd Bayless. The second was for USC guard O.J. Mayo, who confirmed to that he worked out for the team.”

Riley has doubts about the kid’s personality. So while Beasley’s stock with the Heat plummets, O.J. Mayo’s prospects improve. I haven’t heard that Riley is concerned about Mayo’s character.

Why has no one noted the irony here?

Riley’s worried because Beasley carried too many cell phones in college, threw up wild, just-for-fun shots a Disney’s Wide World of Sports and boldly states that with his youth comes a level of immaturity.

Mayo is certainly more mature. He sent an emissary to USC head coach Tim Floyd’s office to offer himself to the Trojans. He was already thinking about stardom’s bright lights, and he wanted to be in Los Angeles where they could start illuminating him right the hell now. Sure, he had a cell phone at the time, but he wasn’t reckless with it. In fact, he wouldn’t let Floyd have his number. Mayo would be in touch.

Mayo got in touch. Floyd got Mayo, and Mayo’s emissary Rodney Guillory got paid. Guillory, you see, makes a career out of buddying up with promising young athletes, cultivating relationships and hooking them up with agents, in this case Bill Duffy Associates Sports Management (BDA Sports). Mayo eventually signed with BDA Sports, and Guillory allegedly received around $200,000 from the company.

As Kelly Nacqi of ESPN’s Outside the Lines explained, some of that money may have helped fund Mayo’s shopping sprees at a California retail store where he spent thousands of dollars on clothes. Maybe it was used for the flat screen TV that Guillory allegedly bought for Mayo.

Whatever it was, it was enough for the NCAA and NBPA to launch investigations into the matter. BDA Sports and Mayo immediately dissolved their relationship, and he now has other representation.

And Beasley is the one Riley is worried about?

Scouts are agog over Beasley’s talent. Sure, Derrick Rose will go first to the Chicago Bulls, but Beasley is obviously the “it” kid of this year’s draft. Riley and the Miami Heat will seemingly go another direction though because of character issues, and they’re eying O.J. Mayo.

It just doesn’t make sense.

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  1. […] rumors are abound Riley prefers the squeaky-clean O.J. Mayo over Beasley. However, it doesn’t appear as if he’s ready to use the second overall […]

  2. If Riles can endorse Ricky Davis, how can he not put up with the BEAST?

  3. Yeah, sounds like the wrong reason to dislike Beasley if you’re going after Mayo.

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