Invitation to a Coup

Let’s take over Equatorial Guinea.

Sure, it’s been tried before but those British aristocrat types have struggled with growing empires for a while. Us Americans are just finding our stride.

Besides, no one in America will notice or care unless we give them cause to worry over “national security.” For a few million dollars in your bank account, I’m sure you could handle buddying up with George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice. (more…)

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Soderbergh a baseball phenom?

Next time you’re drafting your celebrity baseball team, look no further than Stephen Soderbergh if you need a power-hitting, writer/director type. He’s out in Hawaii, where a blogging buddy of mine came across him.

One of the concierges here had to be with him while inside the batting cages, probably because the last thing her boss wanted was to read about a big-screen director getting hurt at his resort. Soderbergh apparently wasn’t impressed with this special treatment and told the
woman that he would be fine because he’d been playing this game his whole life.


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Is this the new “it” thing?

Fighting happens in baseball. But it appears time are changing. No more is it enough to fight the other team. Nowadays it appears even scrapping with your own team is not satisfying some of the guys. They’ve turned their attention to the front office.

How The Big Lead is just like Jimmy Eat World

It occurred to me that bands and blogs are a lot alike — and it’s not just because they both do most of their work from mom’s basement.
New blogs and new bands emerge at approximately the same dizzying rate, and a very small percentage of both achieve even a modicum of success.
Neither blogs nor bands tend to make money, but they pour themselves into the effort for love of the effort.
Both can be accused of selling out if a corporate entity snaps them up and starts making changes.

So, I thought I’d take it a step further and match up blogs with their respective bands. This isn’t deep analysis. It’s the manifestation of my various biases coupled with my inadequate knowledge.


Flood Relief for Negro Leaguer Art Pennington

Hopefully you’ve already heard of Art Pennington and his great loss in the midwest flooding this summer. Art Pennington is an 85 year old former negro league baseball player who lives in Iowa.

This article tells you his situation as well as I could. Better actually, because I’d just be taking information straight from there. Here’s an excerpt.

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Deadspin changes hands

In case you’re living under a rock that doesn’t exist in the blogosphere, let me be the first to tell you: Will Leitch is out at Deadspin. A.J. Daulerio is in.

If you’re unaware, it’s certainly not for lack of trying on their part. No less than six posts over the last two days are about Deadspin itself and the changes there. Daulerio says he won’t be changing much. Smart move.

One thing I would change though, drop the “we” nonsense. If you ever see “we” on this blog, that’s because there are two of us, and it’s appropriate. But I am writing this particular post.

We keep it simple here. (more…)

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Learning something new every day

Thanks to the intrepid journalism of Jenn Thompson, I now know the “bizarre origins of wedding traditions.”

It’s definitely safe to call them bizarre, but who would have thought the practice of tossing bouquets and garters would have such a carnal root. (more…)

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Female vocalists that don’t suck

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I don’t know what it is, but I can’t really get into most music performed by female vocalists. I’m sure it’s a deep-rooted psychological condition that means I’m sexist and don’t even know it.

But then again, there are exceptions to this rule. Three of those exceptions could be lumped into the plain-old-catchy category: Shiny Toy Guns, Dresden Dolls and M.I.A. (more…)

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Augustin Taken in the Top 10

So D.J. Augustin went ninth in the draft to the Charlotte Bobcats, not bad for a sub-6-foot point guard. I’ll admit, I was skeptical when he announced he’d go pro. After covering the Longhorns during his sophomore season, I knew how good he was but I also saw him struggle against Memphis. It seemed like that would be the best example of what he’ll face in the NBA, and it didn’t go well.

Plus, I knew how family-oriented and focused on academics he is. During the conference portion of the situation, he said he’d be coming back next year, and I didn’t think he’d change his mind.


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Bo Fo Sho

Let me introduce you to Bo Burnham. If you know who he is then I guess I can’t really do that. But you probably do not. Bo is a hilarious singer/songwriter who finds wordplay to be child’s play. I discovered him for myself on His user page has most of his songs. But he just released an EP called Bo Fo Sho on iTunes and some of the songs can only be found there.

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